Farideh Halakou

I am pursuing my graduate study in Department of Computer Engineering at Koc University (KU) in Istanbul-Turkey as a teaching and research assistant.  I joined COSBI lab as a PhD student in February 2014 and since then I am working on integrating conformational changes of proteins to traditional PPI networks aiming to understand the phenotypic differences in PPI network level. I also worked on breast cancer lung and brain metastasis PPI network project in which we did diverse topological, functional, and structural analyses for phenotype specificity.

I received my M.Sc. degree in Information Technology Engineering from Kerman Graduate University of Technology (KGUT) under the supervision of Dr. Eftekhari and Prof. Ali Esmailizadeh where I proposed different combinations of filter and wrapper methods for SNP selection.

I received my B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from Mirdamad Institute of Higher Education, Gorgan, Iran in 2008.

Research interests

My main research interests are: protein conformational changes, structural analysis of PPI networks, protein surface-interface comparison.


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