Welcome to the website of the COSBI (Computational Systems Biology) group. Our research focuses on systems biology in the broad field of computational biology. Mainly, we try to understand the principles of how proteome works.

What COSBI does:

  1. BulletDevelop computational methods and approaches for large scale structural modeling of protein-protein interactions

  2. BulletDevelop methods to find critical residues (energy hotspots) at the protein-protein interfaces

  3. BulletIntegrate 3D structural data of protein-protein complexes in signaling pathways that play important roles in cancer and other dieseases

  4. BulletWe use a powerful protein–protein interactions prediction tool (PRISM) which is able to carry out accurate predictions on the proteome scale to construct the structural networks of signaling pathways

  5. BulletProvide maintain databases and computational services of the methods developed in the group to the community.


Computational SystemS BIology LaB               NEWS

  1. Bullet Postdoctoral/Research Scientist and PhD positions available. Please contact for details.

  2. Bullet Emine Guven-Mairov defended her PhD thesis in August 2015. Congratulations Emine.

  3. Bullet Guray Kuzu (former PhD student) is a posdoctoral fellow at Tolstorukov Lab, MGH Harvard.

  4. Bullet Engin Çukuroğlu (former PhD student) is a postdoc at Genomic Institute of Singapore.

  5. Bullet Organized "Biophysical Society Thematic Meeting: Modeling of Biomolecular Systems Interactions, Dynamics, and Allostery:Bridging Experiments and Computations September 10-14, 2014 Istanbul.